Our Approach

Eckford Solutions follows industry standard methodologies to ensure: quality, on time, and within budget delivery of your Content Management System.

1. Concept

Will your idea really work? Eckford Solutions can assess your concept and provide constructive feedback. At the end of this phase the scope of the project should be clear in the areas of:
  • design and planning,
  • IT Architecture,
  • development,
  • training and
  • service level strategies.

2. Design and planning

Iterative development, working towards both client and end user satisfaction. Design the sitemap and overall structure of your system. Visual theming and architecture. Content collection (texts, media, video, photography etc.) Assign priority to valued content.

3. IT Architecture

Assessment of (technical) requirements. Configure web hosting and domains. Determine requirements for scalability, security and performance.

4. Development

The fun stuff!!!
  • Software configuration
  • Features development including Content Types and Content Maintenance Methods
  • Theming / Structure: CSS, HTML, PHP & jQuery
  • Content Migration
  • Performance measures
  • Search engine optimization

5. User acceptance and (silent) launch

Search engine optimization process Website analytics & analysis. User tests, split tests, statistical performance analysis. Silent launch (without marketing) in order to find live bugs.

6. Deployment

Implementation and configuration. Provision of documentation and training as discussed. Official release.

7. Support

Service level agreements. Updates, upgrades.


Drupal professional support


Small Business Tools

You have a vision, but you need the tools. We have the tools.


Drupal Training

Let us show you as much or as little as you would like to learn.


Responsive Design

Responsive web design for mobile, smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs.

On the Subject of Me

On the Subject of Me

I'm Allison with many hats. I am a System Analyst and Technical Writer with an IT and programming background.

I think Drupal is a super-awesome framework and I'm happiest when working on a Drupal Project!

Hire me, I'm really good

Expansion packs

You can add features to your Starter Kit at any time. Powerful add-ons include:

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