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Views Slideshow


Views Slideshow can be used to create a slideshow of any content (not just images) that can appear in a View. Powered by jQuery, it is heavily customizable: you may choose slideshow settings for each View you create.


Simplenews Newsletter overview


Simplenews publishes and sends newsletters to lists of subscribers. Both anonymous and authenticated users can opt-in to different mailing lists. HTML email can be sent by adding Mime Mail module.


Your customers can subscribe to your mailing list automatically. The best target is the willing ear.

mailhandler blue mail carrier


Create nodes by email!

Mailhandler uses Feeds to let you post nodes by email. It takes mail (usually from an IMAP mailbox) and imports it as whatever type of content you choose. Plug-in modules allow you to do more awesome things like post comments, select different authentication methods, and set properties such as published / sticky status using "commands". Hugely powerful and flexible, but includes a "quick-start" module to help get you started.


Manage content on your Drupal website via email.

Google Maps Picture of map


Enterprise Location is an App for managing location nodes on your site. It is a part of the Open Enterprise distribution but can be used in any Drupal 7 site.

  • event content type with address and geo fields
  • longitude and latitude is automatically calculated from addresses
  • views map and location listing pages sortable by category
  • enhanced admin view for better content administration

This is not a live map. It is just a picture of a map.


The Location map module allows you to display a custom map to your event or location of business.

Google Analytics Google Analytics permissions


The Google Analytics module adds JavaScript to pages on your website, allowing them to be tracked by Google Analytics. Your Google Analytics account at http://www.google.com/analytics/shows many more statistics about your site, your visitors and their activities while on your site. For example, you can:

  • Selectively track certain users, roles and pages

  • Monitor what type of links are tracked (downloads, outgoing and mailto)

  • Monitor what files are downloaded from your pages

  • Track user segmentation from Drupal profile data



According to Google, "Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way." For more information about Google Analytics, see Google Analytics: http://www.google.ca/analytics/features

Facebook OAuth Connect to Facebook


Don't let the OAuth in the title worry you. The name Facebook Connect is already taken.

This module provides authentication services and an API to perform actions against Facebook. This module allows users to login to Drupal through the service commonly known as "Facebook Connect". This module is built with simplicity and flexibility in mind, it provides login services (and does it well), and an API for performing any other actions you may want to write yourself to query against Facebook's APIs.


  • One-click login through Facebook.
  • Automatic import of user e-mail and profile information during initial login.
  • Integration with Profile module to map Facebook data to Profile fields. (Drupal 6)
  • Integration with Field module to map Facebook data to fields on users. (Drupal 7)
  • A flexible and direct API for modules to get authenticated and query Facebook's APIs (plus extensive documentation).
  • Extensive permission settings for Facebook data retrieval.
  • The ability to de-authenticate or unlink a Facebook account from a Drupal account.
  • Does not require any external libraries or downloads.

The use of the "OAuth" Facebook API is not of importance to normal users, but its given this name to separate itself from other projects such as Facebook Connect and theFacebook projects, which both use a mix of Facebook APIs and cover a much wider scope of built-in functionality.


Users don't need to give your site their Facebook user name and password in plain text, instead you get the OAuth token which can be revoked by the user at any time without changing the Facebook password. Additionally not having to store Facebook and other passwords make your site a less attractive target for hackers.

Commerce and Paypal Drupal Commerce shopping cart logo


Drupal Commerce was written from scratch, designed from the ground up by people who learned from the flaws of Ubercart, with years of ecommerce experience under their belt. It uses the new APIs of Drupal 7, which results in a significantly greater compatibility with contrib modules. This in turn results less custom code required for a new site, both theme and modules.


Paypal WPP

The primary advantage of WPP over WPS is that your customer stays on your website throughout the payment process. It offers a more professional user experience than being diverted to a Paypal page. From the customer's point of view, it is as if you have a full merchant account.



Drupal professional support


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Drupal Training

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Responsive Design

Responsive web design for mobile, smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs.

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